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Beach Employment & Social Services, Toronto Ontario
This renovation of the existing 1960's vintage Beach Employment & Social Services building involved a complete rethinking of the concept of how services are delivered to it's clients- from a welfare office to an employment resource centre. The public floor area was opened up to become more user friendly. Masonry walls that formerly divided the four main spaces were demolished. The closed in and barricaded reception desk and interview rooms were replaced with an open and accessible front counter, custom designed modular work stations, new glazed doors & transoms. Transom windows breakdown the barriers between functions, introducing an inner horizon and light to the formerly dark surroundings.

 1632 Queen Interview RM Click to see large image
 1632 Queen Overall Click to see large image
 1632 Queen Overall Click to see large image
 Downsview Elevator Interior Click to see large image
 Downsview Exterior Click to see large image

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