Bill Lobb Architect | About Bill Lobb Architect

Who we are:

Bill Lobb Architect is a collaborative studio for architecture. Established fifteen years ago, the participants bring a wealth of knowledge and experience gained while working on a wide variety of projects over the last 30 + years with some of the best architects in the world.

The relatively small size of our office means that clients can rely on having the attention and involvement of the principal throughout the project. The strength and capability of our firm resides in the experience of our staff, whose creativity and qualifications enable us to perform all aspects of architectural service with efficiency. Most of us have worked together for over many years, successfully executing many project types including civic buildings, transit, commercial retail/offices, residential, and educational facilities.

What we do:

We strive to produce an architecture, which is innovative and new, yet resonates with a depth of human experience at its core. Working from first principles we try to develop design solutions on the basis of the conditions particular to the specific task at hand. Recognizing the fundamentally collaborative nature of architecture, we work with contractors, consultants, users and clients to generate ideas and solve problems. Fundamental to this "collaborative team" approach is the emphasis placed on establishing and maintaining good communication between everyone involved. In order to maintain a reasonable relationship between cost and benefit, and to ensure accountability for the pragmatics of today’s tight budgets and short time periods. Bill maintains a "hands on" involvement for the duration of projects.

Our work:

Our work recognizes the larger social, environmental and urban contexts in which it operates. As such it seeks to embrace and enhance their subtler characteristics, in sensitive and creative ways. Increasingly we are interested in producing energy efficient solutions, using ordinary materials in unusual ways to result in cost effective, sustainable, design oriented solutions.

We believe the art of architecture, apart from aesthetics, is about building ideas. Our work aims to be inclusive, dealing with the seemingly complementary dualities such as; large & small, individual & community, rough & smooth, old & new, light & dark, open & closed, etc., incorporating each and developing the fertile ground in between them. By concentrating on these phenomena and their relationships to people we introduce real scope for adaptability, making places that people can be truly comfortable inhabiting.

Our fundamental concern is to ensure that both spoken and unspoken needs are addressed in the final design solution. It is through these basics that special and original things can grow, producing highly successful buildings. Buildings, which are not only eminently useable in the everyday sense, but have the scope in them to celebrate how we live and work.